Wednesday, June 9, 2010

summertime {pt.1}

Here we are, yes indeed, here we are.... on the brink of doing what every Arizonan dreams about doing when the onslaught of summer sizzles the backs of our necks: road tripping.

This current excursion takes us around our fine country in a great figure eight, east and then back west again; completing the sign of infinity, and thus fulfilling our destiny up to this current time.... very exciting times indeed:

June 15 / Dc9 / Washington DC
* w/ Annuals, The Most Serene Republic
June 16 / North Star Bar / Philadelphia, PA
* w/ Annuals, The Most Serene Republic
June 17 / Great Scott / Allston, MA
* w/ Annuals, The Most Serene Republic
June 18 / Knitting Factory Brooklyn / Brooklyn, NY
* w/ Annuals, The Most Serene Republic
June 19 / Maxwell's / Hoboken, NJ
* w/ Annuals, The Most Serene Republic
June 20 / Mercury Lounge / New York, NY
* w/ Annuals, The Most Serene Republic
June 22 / The Ottobar / Baltimore, MD
* w/ Fox In The Henhouse (Ex-Wakefield), 401 Sunset, Car Party, The Baby Grand
June 23 / NC State University WKNC 88.1 / Raleigh, NC
* w/ Annuals
June 24 / The Earl / Atlanta, GA
* w/ Matt Pond PA, Wintersleep
June 25 / The Orpheum / Tampa, FL
* w/ Proud Iron Lion
June 29 / Stubb's BBQ / Austin, TX
* w/ tba
June 30 / The Ten Eleven / San Antonio, TX
* w/ Articles of Separation, Bearfoot
July 1 / The Prophet Bar / Dallas, TX
* w/ The Simple Pages, The J Walkers
July 3 / Hi-Dive / Denver, CO
* w/ Bemused, El Amor
July 5 / Havana Social Club / Seattle, WA
* w/ tba
July 6 / Holocene / Portland, OR
* w/ Wax Fingers, Swim Swam Swum
July 7 / Cafe Du Nord / San Francisco, CA
* w/ AB & The Sea, DJ Bagel Ted
July 8 / 3 Clubs / Los Angeles, CA
* w/ AB & The Sea, tba
July 10 / Bar Pink / San Diego, CA
* w/ Harlem, Sunday Times
July 11 / The Aruba Hotel / Las Vegas, NV
* w/ tba

Can you feel the encouragement dripping off of this blog........?!

We want to see YOU!

Laura is so very excited to be sharing the stage with great bands in all of these cities across the USA.... If you - or someone close to you - would like to come to a show and shoot photos, write-up What Laura Says or Bloom Cheek, or have any other entertaining excuse pertaining to poorness.... WRITE US and be our guest!

Do it here:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Summer is upon us, one and all, and if theres one thing that really sets off this mid-year advernture-time, its a good record.... music.... front-to-back.... long play. So it is of a happy coincidence that What Laura Says should be, and very much WILL be, releasing their second collection of tales that is told by the name BLOOM CHEEK!

After much deliberation and consultation with the stars as well as ancestors... we, Terpsikhore Records in conjunction with MRI Distribution and the band, have decided on JUNE 22nd as the official retail release date for BLOOM CHEEK. We will, however, be holding a number of official and raukus record release parties... during these fine encounters, our wonderful phoenix constituency may check out our new digs for the first time!





Everyone is very excited for the music to get out n about... and we're already hard at work on new works, and highly anticipating the completion of all the neat little projects that occupied our springtime.... standby!

los lauras